Our Mission

We focus on developing multiple skills for members. They are frontend development, backend development, system administration, eCommerce business, eCommerce marketing, and eCommerce sales.

Our principle:

  • Innovate yourself. Believe in yourself is the key to everything.
    "I can and I will, watch me."
  • Innovate your world. Make your world a better one.
  • And go beyond the border

About Story

Team EXP was found on 10/10/2010. Our objective starts with Web development services. We already produce more than 200 excellent products. With our brand CMSSUPERHEROES, our products are being on the top list of the Envato market. We have 30.000 happy customers come from 80 countries.

In 2016 Team EXP starts a new business training strategy which helps member to start with the global eCommerce. Up to now, the number of sales has been reaching more than hundreds of thousands. And it is still growing.

Our Team

Employee development is the most important factor determining success. Combined with integrity in work will create great efficiency. At the same time, funny bring us more comfortable

  • Train employees in all aspects
  • Integrity in all circumstances
  • Funny for everyone

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